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LoRa based Healthcare and Agriculture Monitoring System with IoT Platform

Mahesh Huljute, O. R. Rajankar


Because of the absence of portable foundation in local regions, a ton of current innovations can't be utilized effectively. With Long Range (LoRa) and Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN), there are new ideas for remote long-range correspondence which have been set up. They empower an advanced specialized answer for convey in rural regions, where current portable organization inclusion is absent. This paper examines LoRaWAN for Agriculture and Healthcare based use cases. Henceforth, two use cases were assessed. In the primary use case, the temperature of Coronavirus presume patients was estimated and sent by considering the negligible utilization of the radio channel. In the subsequent use case, a self-formedgadget was covered into the agriculture land at a profundity of 10 down to 60 cm to investigate the dirt properties and test the porousness of agriculture land. Moreover, a worker and entryway engineering with admittance to a cloud framework for information handling objects was planned and in a subsequent advance, a low force model with various sensors for information assortment for the portrayed use cases was created. The primary advantage of this paper is the assessment of LoRaWAN for the utilization in indoor and open air applications for Horticultural organizations. The introduced results are the initial step for region wide ongoing observing of significant agriculture information in rustic regions which empowers the accuracy response to actual changes.


Agriculture IoT, Patient Monitoring, LoRa, Raspberry Pi, Arduino

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