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A Basic Framework for Evaluation of Rural Road Network Conditions



Evaluation of rural road condition has been extensively used as an effective means to support decision-making on investment and management of rural road in both developed and developing countries. Distresses in the form of surface defects, cracks, deformation, disintegration, are common on rural roads. Rural roads must be maintained to provide safe, efficient fast and economic vehicle operations.  Evaluation of conditions is recognized as essential requirements for effective maintenance management of rural road network.  Thus, development of appropriate evaluation techniques for rural road network is the need of road authorities to prioritize road maintenance and rehabilitation works, as this involves cost economics. Hence, this study presents a basic framework for evaluation of rural road network conditions.  A hierarchical structure is developed to identify the various components affecting overall condition of rural road network. This study also proposes various indices to evaluate the conditions of various components identified in this study.  This study develop various condition indices such as Structural Condition index, Traffic operational condition index, Traffic Safety Condition index, Transverse drainage condition index, Longitudinal Drainage condition index. Overall Condition Index (OCIs) is also developed in this study to evaluate the overall conditions of the sections of low volume road network using minimal data. Further, the emphasis is on using a simple and quick rural road evaluation technique that can be implemented without using costly and sophisticated instrument. It is expected that the basic framework for evaluation of rural road network conditions will play a pivotal role in rural road maintenance management systems. Thus, the study will be useful to maximize life and benefits of rural road network

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