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Investigation the Incorporating of SBS and HDPE in Rutting of Two Asphalt Concrete Layers

Mohammed Abbas Aljumaili


Rutting in flexible pavement is one of the main permanent deformations which appears in most Iraqi roads owing to high temperature and the increase in axial excessive heavy trucks load, these combined conditions cause a major impact on the road performance. The polymers are used as additives to improve the properties of asphalt and, that leads to achieve high quality asphalt mixture. This humble research focuses on finding the suitable treatment for such issue by using SBS and HDPE. Whereas 5% for each polymer was used (2, 4, 6, 8 and 10%) by weight of total mix. A different percentage of polymers were used in order to achieve the best additive percentage which was proved to be (8% HDPE, 6% SBS) for wearing (III A) layer and (6% HDPE, 2% SBS) for binder layer. As well as the results showed that using the optimum percent of additives for each layer of asphaltic mixture and test it as one specimen formed from two layers, has decreased the rutting percent by 72 and 65% for HDPE and SBS respectively for each type of additives at (40°C).

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