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Water Simulation Phenomenon for Porous Asphalt Pavement with Used Local Materials

Mohammed Abbas Aljumaili


The paper describes the performance of open graded asphalt pavement with benefit of local materials aggregate and asphalt that suitable to use in hot environment. A rainfall simulation phenomenon 1.5  1.0  0.65 m length, width and height respectively, steel box was constructed to develop relationships between the surface runoff and the infiltration volume from a porous asphalt pavement surface. The 5 cm bedding course, 30 cm reservoir course and 5 cm crushed gravel filter course all layers with open graded gravel material beneath the porous asphalt surface. A rainfall simulator with 16 polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes evenly spaced 9.75 cm center to center of pipe was set up above the porous pavement surface and support by the bearer. The water collected in 11 containers below steel box, 10 for infiltrations and 1 for runoff. Samples were prepared with and without the modifiers used four types of porous asphalt surface, one pour asphalt at 5.5% and three types of polymer are 6% PPV, 7% SBS and 5.5% LDPE from asphalt content ratio. Also, drawing relationship between the volume of container for each type of porous asphalt and the flow rate.

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