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Smart Urban Traffic Management System

Ujjval J. Solanki


In recent years, the ownership of private vehicles has increased many folds, which is causing difficulty in management of urban traffic. Traffic management is the focus area for most urban dwellers and planners. Some of the main concerns for traffic management of big cities is traffic congestion and avoidance, as these issues cause huge damages on both personal and environmental level. Moreover, in many cities traffic signal lights at crossing points are timer based which is inefficient method of controlling traffic. This paper presents a more efficient approach of managing urban traffic with the help of intelligent traffic management system which uses internet of things to achieve this. This method of intelligent traffic management uses components like RFID and detection technologies to sense the presence and movement of tagged objects, the traffic will be monitored and managed automatically using this system. The data collected from this system will be sent to a centralized system for further analysis. Moreover the traffic signal lights at crossing points are based on traffic density of roads intersecting at that point. The paper proposes an architecture which integrates Internet of things and other moving components like data management techniques to create a model for traffic management and monitoring. The model will constitute of a single platform where this platform will communicate with the large number of decentralized heterogeneous components

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