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Electric Vehicles: Transition to Green Zone

Aditya Khatokar J, Nayana M A, Soundarya N, Meghana N, Bhavana S, Sunkireddy Umarani, Ajay Sudhir Bale


This paper deals with the advancement of electric motor vehicles. The performance analysis of these advancements are discussed. An electric engine may provide continuous, regulated displacement through in its bases as well as controlled velocity from its usual way of operating. An engine achieves a maximum power cap by this rpm. In order to deliver continuous energy, the type of engine used is an important aspect. The regulation scheme of these engines plays an important role. The hybrid vehicles which provide high operating efficiency is outlined in this work. The techniques of improving the functionality by reducing the emission of poisonous gases in to the atmosphere is discussed.

Keywords:Electric, hybrid, emission, efficiency

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