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Experimental Investigation on Two Lift Cement Concrete Pavement

Rajiv Ranjan Kumar, S.K. Suman, Rajnish Kumar


Rigid pavement construction is promoting now a days due to its durablilitycriteria.Cost of fresh aggregate is 30-35% more than recycled aggregate which causes increase of overall cost of pavementthustwo lift pavement has great potential as a sustainable paving solution.The main objective of this study is to use recycled aggregate in concrete pavement which reduced overall cost of the pavement.Sincenatural aggregate scarcity is increasing day by day.Generally homogenous layer of concrete is commonly used in our country. As maximum stress induced at top of the pavement and it decreases along the depth.So using of recycled material in the thick bottom layer and natural aggregate in thin top layer is a good solution of shortage of natural aggregate or disposal of recycled material.In this rigid pavement two layer of slab with different thickness of upper and lower lift such as varying the thickness of bottomlayer50%.60%.70%, 80% & 90% of overall thickness of concrete sample. Quality aggregate is provided in upper lift& recycled aggregate in bottom lift.Physical and mechanical properties of materials evaluated which satisfy the standard criteria.Mix proportioning is carried out to evaluate the mechanical propertis and performance of the prototype model.Result shows best agreement. It is found that two lift concrete pavement of 200mm with top lift thickness 60mm and bottom lift thickness 140mm made of M40 and M20 respectively may be the sustainable solution.

Keywords: Two lift pavement, Compressive strength,Flexuralstrength,Rebound hammer, Stiffness modulus

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