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Comparative study of quicklime and cement (void fillers) on durability of asphalt pavement wearing course under submerged conditions

Enwuso A. Igwe, Chinonyerem B. Onyekaba



This study adopts an experimental approach using the Marshall Mix design method to investigate the effect of quicklime, and cement in the enhancement of asphalt pavement wearing course under submergence in terms of strength and durability. The results gotten showed that strength and durability properties such as Retained stability, First Durability Index (FDI) and Second Durability Index(SDI) were negatively affected by moisture for mixes without modifiers, while the mixes modified with quicklime, and cement had better resistance against moisture, thus better strength and better durability performance for the asphalt pavement wearing course.


Keywords: asphalt pavement, cement, durability, and quicklime

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