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Mode Choice Analysis: Fundamental and Models

Ramanuj P. S., Varia H. R.



Travel behavior plays an important role in transportation planning. Mode choice has direct impact on the policy making decision. It is behavioral and complex in nature. The objective of this study is to carryout detailed review on various modeling methods of mode choice analysis. The factors that affect the traveler’s mode choice decision have been discussed. The methods of data collection have been briefly discussed. Further the paper highlights on mode choice models such as logit model, probit model, extreme value model and their applications. Advanced soft computing techniques such as Artificial Neural Network models, Fuzzy approach and Neuro-fuzzy approach are discussed. Due to complexity of travel models, such advanced models found more reliable.


Keywords: Mode choice, Logit Model, Soft Computing Techniques

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Ramanuj PS, Varia HR. Mode Choice Analysis: Fundamental and Models. Trends in Transport Engineering and Applications. 2018; 5(1): 7–13p.

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