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Detail study on circular runway

Rushikesh Shinde, Shrikant Gattani, Ganesh Jadhav, Nayan Ingle, Girish Joshi


The paper presents the new concept for future air terminal traffic activity. This runway is utilized for take-off and land from any direction, hence offering the remarkable trademark that the runway can be utilized under any wind condition through the opportunities for an airplane to work consistently with headwind during take-off and landing. Besides, it will permit airplane to abbreviate their worldwide direction through upgraded take off and appearance courses and maintain a strategic distance from runway intersections invades. The air terminal terminals with all airplane, passenger, things, and cargo offices will be found principally inside the round runway. The circular runway, financed under European Commission during the Framework Program 7 (FP7).

Keyword: Circular runway, airport concept, take-off, landing, terminal

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