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Study of Literature on Different Girder Bridges

Mohd Junaid Mohd Zubair, Arvind B Vawale, Nitin S. Vaidkar, Pradeep Sudhakar Bhalage


Bridge design and construction now a day’s worldwide importance. Design of bridges help to improve the road network. Bridges are the key elements in any road network and use of prestress girder type bridges gaining popularity in bridge engineering because of its serviceability, economy, and structure efficiency. Girder bridge have different types and different software’s are using for the bridges. Bridges not only assist in the flow of intervening vehicles moving on road or public highway but also maintain road safety. The objective of this paper is to study of bridge design span, loading and dimensional properties. The depth of the beam is reduced, the compressive strength is reduced and no cable is reduced due to pre-pressure, extra solid state of being physically strong is used and utility is also excluded.

Keywords: Girder bridge, IRC loading condition, ASHTO, road safely, intervening vehicle

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