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Role of Bus Rapid Transit System in Urban Mobility

Shagufta Irshad, Gaurav Singh


Mobility is accessibility, if a person wants to move from one place to another, his trip should be safe, affordable, convenient, secure and person should reach his destination in stipulated time. Without mobility transportation is meaningless. One should have transportation options for their trip and also the quality of it. To improve one’s mobility should be the aim of any transportation. Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) is a high-quality mass transit system that provides fast, comfortable and affordable services at metro level. In this research paper I have analyzed BRT corridor of three cities i.e., Ahmedabad, Surat and Pimpri Chinchwad and also done the comparative analysis of it on the basis of BRT Standard. BRTS Ranking is done on BRT Standard and have been scored, verified by The BRT Standard Technical Committee by Institute for Transportation & Development Policy.


Mobility, Bus Rapid Transit System, BRT Corridor, BRT Standard, BRTS Ranking

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