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VME Interfacing for SLAVE PCB on FPGA by using VIVADO

Smriti Yadav, Rasmi Ranjan Samantray


Abstract: In this paper, we have presented a brief review on VME bus interface. Various studies have revealed that the VME bus is a widely used industrial bus, which is applied in military, industrial, aerospace, communication and control applications. It uses the Euro card format, its high performance, and its versatility are some of the reasons that it appeals to a wide range of users. The designer friendly and user-friendly style of its specification offers useful advice and helps ensure compatibility between VME bus products. The VME bus plays a leading role in the embedded computing, real-time control and data acquisition systems. High-speed data transactions are one of the most important features of the protocol in many applications. A brief review of different systems employing different VME standard has been discussed in this paper.

Keywords: VME bus, field programmable gate array (FPGA)

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Smriti Yadav, Rasmi Ranjan Samantray. VME Interfacing for SLAVE PCB on FPGA by using VIVADO. Current Trends in Signal Processing. 2019; 9(1): 26–29p.


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