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Catalysis by Iridium (III) in the Oxidation of Hydrocarbons and Cyclic Alcohols by in situ Prepared Sodium Ferrate

P. K Tandon, B. Kesarwani


Potassium ferrate can be used as an oxidant only after separating it in the solid form for which tedious and multi-step process involving hazardous chemicals is required. Problems of separation of potassium ferrate in the solid form and its storage can be minimized if in situ prepared sodium ferrate is used as an oxidant which easily oxidizes hydrocarbons and cyclic alcohols from the synthetic point of view. Surprisingly, addition of traces of Iridium (III) chloride (~ 10-5 mmol) as a homogeneous catalyst increases the yield to a greater extent only in the case of oxidation of hydrocarbons and benzyl alcohol, while the addition of Iridium(III) chloride showed a negative effect on the yield in oxidizing cyclic alcohols.


Keywords: Sodium ferrate, Iridium (III) chloride, homogeneous catalyst, in situ


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