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An Efficient Synthesis of Annulated Novel Dihydropyridine Derivatives using Zeolite H-BEA and Zeolite BEA-SO3H

Kalpana C. Maheria, Manoj Kumar K. Rathod, Sunil R. Mistry, Suban K. Sahoo


Modified zeolite (zeolite BEA-SO3H) was synthesized with intent to improve the surface area and Si/Al ratio by loading chlorosulphonic acid onto zeolite H-BEA. Parent and modified zeolite were characterized by variety of characterization techniques such as, ICP, FT-IR, XRD, TGA, NH3-TPD,BET surface area, etc. The catalytic applications of parent and modified zeolite H-BEA were demonstrated through the synthesis of novel quinoline and benzoquinoline substituted dihydropyridines (DHPs) via one pot Hantzsch cyclocondensation reaction. This method affords high percentage yield of DHPs (93%) within short reaction times. The effects of catalysts and substituent’s (different quinolines and benzoquinoline carbaldehydes) on the synthesis of DHPs were studied and related reaction mechanism was proposed


Zeolite BEA-SO3H, Hantzsch reaction, MCRs, quinoline and benzoquinoline substituted dihydropyridines

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