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Input of Effective Cost Control in the Management of Construction Works and Architectural Excellence in Nigeria



Effective cost control is crucial to the management of construction projects and this can affect the management of construction works and architectural excellence. This research investigated into the essence cost control in project management and excellent architectural delivery despite scarce resources for the optimum benefits of the client, civil engineers and other parties to a construction contract. Secondary data collection was based mainly on the assessment of related past literature and write ups on Nigerian economy and construction cost management. Detailed references were made to books, journals, conference/seminar papers, reports and other forms of published materials that were considered relevant to the research subject matter. The results revealed that economic aspects of construction are complicated by the fact that the functions of design and production are generally separated. At the design stage, the designer will usually not know the methods and equipment available to the contractor who may eventually build the project, and who is directly accountable for the resources used, which for most buildings account for about two-thirds of the total cost of the project. This will have serious adverse effect on the project cost, its performance and completion date and may lead to delay and outright abandonment. Design and planning should be geared towards effective cost management and control as a solution to project abandonment and optimal delivery of construction works. It has been concluded that strong financial base of client, timely delivery of project according to plan, quality materials, excellent workmanship, precision in the definition of scope of project, adequate budget allocation, experienced contractors and consultants are critical to construction projects and architectural aesthetics.

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