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Green Energy Assisted Four Wheels Electric Vehicle With Variable Speed Control

Masud Ahmed Rana, M. Tanvir Hasan Sarkar, Md. Kamrul Hasan Likhon, Tanvir Saiful Shah Tuhin, Md. Mahfuzur Rahman


People across the globe are suffering from pollution in daily life. It cannot be stopped completely but can be decreased. Automobile industries are always in search to make more environment friendly technologies for vehicles. Introduction of electric vehicles is one of the major steps to support ecofriendly technologies. Addition of solar energy is one of the initiates. Green Energy assisted vehicle creates a new era of engineering innovation to provide cost effective and safe transport facility. Electric vehicle features more options to get involved with ecofriendly technologies. The project delivers an outstanding outfit and reliable performance as an Electric vehicle (EV). The EV has alternate sources of power from the sun and the main electric supply. The radiation of sun will influence the performance of the EV. Solar panels will contribute around 18% of total power requirement of the system. Less energy absorption from main line due to additional solar support and low electricity cost certainly promote the vehicle as one of the most attractive and effective ways of transportation.

Keywords: BLDC motor, cost effective, EV, four-wheel, zero emission

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Masud Ahmed Rana, M. Tanvir Hasan Sarkar, Md. Kamrul Hasan Likhon et al. Green Energy Assisted Four-Wheel Electric Vehicle with Variable Speed Control. Journal of Energy, Environment & Carbon Credits. 2017; 7(3): 29–36p.

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