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Drip Irrigation Pipe Manufacturing Process and Defects in It- A Review

Vrushali Madhukar Shete


In the development phase of drip pipe, conventional procedures for pipe extrusion line setup process were based on tryouts and then decisions to change the process parameters were made to minimize the errors occurring in pipe extrusion process of drip pipe. Every line setup needed the same methodology and hence loss of valuable time and material scrap. The variation of raw material supplies is also considered in this optimization process. To achieve high accuracy and trustworthiness in extruded pipes these procedures were challenging, tedious and sometimes unable to give a result. Taguchi Method is a statistical approach to optimize the process and improve the quality of components that are manufactured. Hence, the tryouts and statistical optimization methods are studied in combination to have a clearer, standardized and fine solution. This report relates to recent developments and case studies related to pipe extrusion methods, the defects in pipe extrusion process and Taguchi method

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