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Synthesis and Characterization of Certain Biodegradable Chitosan/Lactic Acid-based Polyester Blend Films

Jaisankar V, T. Tamizharuvi, R. Indira



Biodegradable blend films based on chitosan with poly(ethylene glycol lactate-co-ethylene glycol terephthalate), PEGLT and poly(butylene lactate-co-butylene succinate), PBLSA, were prepared by solution-mixing and film-casting method. The main objective of this investigation was the study and characterization of chitosan/lactic acid-based polyester blends which are useful as bio-packaging material for potential food applications. The first part of the investigation was related to the synthesis and characterization of polyesters, PEGLT and PBLSA by melt polycondensation method. The synthesized polyesters were characterized by FTIR, 1H NMR, 13C NMR and X-ray diffraction analysis. Then, the chitosan/polyester blend films were prepared using acetic acid-acetone solvent system. These blend films were also investigated for their miscibility using FTIR spectra and X-ray diffractogram. FTIR spectra showed that changes in the finger print region of the chitosan amide band in the blend were observed, indicating compatibility between hydrophobic chitosan with synthesized polyesters. Morphologies of these blend films were viewed using scanning electron microscopy.


Keywords: Biodegradable, chitosan, bio-packaging, melt polycondensation

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