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Dosimetric Aspects of Poly(ethylene- g - maleic anhydride)

B. Sanjeeva Rao, B. Chandramouli, B. Sabitha


Electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy is considered to be finger print technique to identify chemical structures of irradiated polymers. To prove this, ESR spectra of unirradiated and irradiated maleic anhydride grafted poly ethylene (MANPE)are recorded under different conditions. The ESR spectra show multiplehyperfine lines with latent structure corresponding to macro radicals . Radiation dose dependency on chemical structure of MANPE  has been investigated by recording ESR spectra at various radiation doses.  Intensity of ESR spectrum is found to increase with radiation dose . Double integration methods are used to quantity the results. Based on the results chemical changes induced by gamma irradiation are identified. Variation of ESR intensity against radiation dose is found to be linear which suggest that the PE in its grafted form is also suitable for dosimetric applications


MANPE , gamma radiation, radiation dosimeters, ESR spectrum, free radicals.

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J Polym & Comp 6 (2 ) 17 - 30 ( 2018 )



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