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Experimental Study on Effectiveness of MTMD in Reducing Structural Response of Multi-story Asymmetric model Under Harmonic Loading.

Nishant Narendrapal Rathod


The current trend toward construction of high rise building with the use of lightweight, high strength material and advance construction methods have led to making comparatively light and flexible structures, which have relatively low natural damping. Results make structures more prone to environmental excitation such as earthquake loads. An asymmetry in a building which may arise due to unsymmetrical distribution of stiffness, mass, damping and strength characteristics. The responses of asymmetric structure under earthquake are characterized by translation and rotational degree of freedom. This paper includes an experimental investigation of multi-storied asymmetric building subjected to harmonic loading with and without MTMD. Experimentation of multi-storied structural model is done on shake table and observation was recorded. The displacements and time history of frame model were recorded and compare with the frames having multiple tuned mass dampers, to study the effectiveness of MTMD for leading toward response


mtmd, MTMD, asymmetry, shake table, multi-storied, resonance.

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