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Castellated Beams with and without Stiffeners- A Review

shivtej pravin kharade, surekha Bhalchandra


Use of castellated beams has it benefits like it is economical, gives more strength with less material, easy to erect. Studies related to castellated beam show that quantifiable reduction in the weight of structure is accomplished by allowing web openings without reducing structural strength or requirements of serviceability. Castellated beams are fabricated by cutting I section in zig zag pattern to create shapes like hexagonal, circular, rectangular  and re-joining it by welding both the parts together and increasing its depth ultimately leading to increase its strength. Hence the strength of I section is increased with same amount of material that was required for parent I section. Various modes of failure are identified in castellated beam, failure by either the formation of a flexural mechanism, by lateral torsion buckling, vertical shear failure, and formation of vierendeel mechanism, shear buckling of a web post and by rupture of welded joints. Based on various mode of failure, the applicable methods of analysis are studied which includes plastic analysis, mid post yielding and buckling analysis. Using software like ABAQUS, MSC/NASTRAN and ANSUS14. Study show that use of stiffener in welded portion minimizes the failure and increase the strength of beam.


Beams, Castellated beams, Stiffener

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