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A Seismic Analysis of R.C. Structures Under Tuned Mass Damper System.

Rutuja prashant kulkarni, V.R. Upadhye, M.N. Mangulkar


A Seismic Analysis of R.C. Structures Under Tuned Mass Damper System treats seismic force reduction of multi-storey buildings using embedded dampers. tuned mass damper is investigated. Dynamic analysis was carried out using Etabs to obtain the damped and undamped responses of the structure in terms of deflections at all storeys in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the damping system to reduce the seismic response. The earthquake zone v used in this study has been applied on the structure in the horizontal plane. Concrete material properties were chosen to represent the model as many high-rise buildings are constructed by using reinforced concrete.


Tuned mass Dampers; tip displacement; frequency; Etabs; Equivalent static analysis; Equivalent Dynamic analysis

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