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Progressive Collapse Prevention Analysis of Multi-Storeyed Buildings by Using Pushover Analysis

Sadhu B. Nagargoje, M. G. Shaikh



This paper investigates an actual structure’s potential to break due to progressive collapse. This report looks into the progressive collapse resistance of high-rise RC structures. Progressive collapse of building constructions, primarily concentrates on concrete structures. Progressive collapse of a structure occurs when major structural load carrying members are removed suddenly. A progressive collapse is initiated as a consequence of local structural damages. It produces a chain reaction mechanism, into a failure that is disproportional to the initiating local damage. Impairment can be in the form of loss of non-structural element, damage to structural components, and collapse of structural element leading to progressive failure of section or whole building. This failure usually happens in a domino effect and leads to a progressive collapse failure in the construction. In the present work, the demand capacity ratios of reinforced concrete five storied frame structure are evaluated as per GSA guidelines. The nonlinear static analyses are posted out using software SAP2000. One of the most often used approaches for minimizing the potential for progressive collapse in buildings is the alternate path method. Our aim is to provide clear conceptual step-by-step descriptions of several procedures for progressive collapse analyses by performing example analyses using commercially available structural analysis software, such as SAP2000. The appeal of this method is primarily due to its relative simplicity and threat independent specification. A linear static alternate path (AP) method is proposed in GSA guideline, through which the reliability and efficiency of the method are confirmed.


Keywords: Alternative load path method, collapse resistance, finite element method, nonlinear static analysis, progressive collapse


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Nagargoje Sadhu B, Shaikh MG. Progressive Collapse Prevention Analysis of Multi-Storeyed Buildings by Using Pushover Analysis. Journal of Structural Engineering and Management. 2017; 4(3): 17–23p.

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