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Effect of Spray Pyrolysis on the Properties of Chemically Sprayed CuO:Al Thin Films

Venkat Subramaniam, T. Mahalingam, S. J. Helen, P. Sumathi



CuO:Al thin films were grown from 50 ml of spray solution on glass substrates by chemical spray at Ts=400°C using solution spray doping percentages of 0, 4, 5 and 6%. Copper acetate and aluminium chloride were used as Cu and Al sources, respectively. Independent of solution spray rate, the crystallites in CuO:Al films grow preferentially in the (201) plane, parallel to the substrates. The spray pyrolysis solution are using different percentages of influences in the structural properties, surface morphology, electrical properties are studied. The carrier concentration increases from 2.1019 to 1.1020 cm-3 when spray rate is increased from 0 to 3%, independent of film thickness, the carrier mobilities are always lower in slowly grown films. Sprayed CuO:Al films transmit 60–80% of the visible light while the increase and decrease in doping carrier concentration.


Thin film spray pyrolysis, XRD, optical properties, electrical properties

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