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Design and Analysis of Different Welding Joints

Sashikant Singha, Trilok Chauhan


Two parts linked together by the use of localised heat or fusion is called a weld; they join together either with or without the use of pressure or filler material application. Necessary heat required is obtained by burning of gas or by using an electric arc. The word joint and weld are different, weld means joining of two metals by heat and joint means a point where two parts are connected together by anything. Welding has application in structure, machines, equipment’s and bridges. Toe and roots are the vital parts of a welding assembly as maximum stress and failure occurs on it. It is impossible to have weld with 100% efficiency. Welding is a complex procedure which varies the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of a welded joint. The present paper focuses on the survey of the earlier work done on the welded joint, their applications and their analysis procedures. The finite element analysis procedure study is focused on this paper as it is the most time saving and material saving procedure.

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Sashikant Singha, Trilok Chauhan. Design and Analysis of Different Welding Joints. Journal of Thin Films, Coating Science Technology and Application. 2017; 4(2): 18–22p.


Welded joint, weld geometry, joints

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