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CFD Based Simulations on CL-CSP System

Palash Shrivastava, Sumit Chourasiya, Dr. Mukesh Pandey, Anurag Gour


The current study deals with research on CL-CSP plant system carried out analytically. The research also includes CFD based simulations among three models, mainly model 1, model 2, and model 3. Model 1 consists of straight pipe; Model 2 consists of Zig-zag pipes and Model 3 consists of helical pipes. The results were evaluated for heat flux, outlet temperature, velocity gradients, turbulent, eddy viscosity etc. under the conditions for presence of air and in vacuum. The results also showed that model 3 with helical pipes have the best structure as the outlet temperature obtained was least compared to model 1 as well as the model 3.


CL-CSP; CFD; straight pipe; zig-zag pipe; helical pipe

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