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Bacterial Concrete: Innovative Way to Enhance Concrete Properties

Mohini R. Shelke




Concrete is an absolutely essential component of construction materials used in infrastructure and most buildings. Despite its versatility in construction, it is known to have several limitations. Based on the continuous research carried out around the globe, various modifications have been made from time to time to overcome the deficiencies of cement concrete. Recent research has shown that bacteria produces a metabolic product due to biological processes, this novel emerging way is used for preparation of microbial concrete by usage of bacteria. The objective of the present investigation is to study the performance of the concrete produced by the microbiologically induced calcite precipitation (MICP) process. The result shows that strengths of concrete with addition of bacteria are increased as well as it is observed that when specimens are exposed to wastewater of chemical industry; the percentage strength loss in microbial concrete is less than conventional concrete. Study of some durability properties like water absorption and sorptivity found that microbial concrete is better than the conventional concrete.


Keywords: Biological processes, bacteria, microbial concrete, MICP, wastewater

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Shelke Mohini R. Bacterial Concrete: Innovative Way to Enhance Concrete Properties. Recent Trends in Civil Engineering & Technology. 2017; 7(3): 14–20p

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