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A Core Loss Model Based on Finite Element Method for Switched Reluctance Generator Considering Different Control Modes

Heidarian Mahdi, ganji babak


In the present paper, core loss modeling of switched reluctance generator (SRG) is proposed for the first time. Using ANSYS finite element (FE) package, 2D FE transient analysis of SRG is carried out and the stator pole flux waveform is predicted. To determine the flux waveforms in the different parts of the machine, an introduced mathematical flux model is considered and its algorithm is implemented in ANSYS Parametric Design Language (APDL). Core loss related to the determined flux waveforms are calculated based on the improved Steinmetz equation. The core loss model created totally in APDL can be applied to different conventional types of SRG. Applying the developed core loss model to an 8/6 SRG, simulation results including the flux waveforms and relevant core loss are presented for both single pulse control mode and PWM control mode.


Keywords: Switched Reluctance Generator, Core Loss, Finite Element Analysis

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