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Analysis of Output Behavior of PEMFC by Varying Flow Rates (Air Flow Rate and Fuel Flow Rate)

shuva paul, M S Muhit, Md. Siddikur Rahman


As the demand for electricity is increasing rapidly and our traditional fuel sources are coming to an end in terms of reserve, shifting towards green energy is becoming more and more convenient. Fuel Cells are sources of higher efficiency than any other green energy sources. As recent research trend fuel cell are going under various types of research for optimization purposes. In this research study, the behavior of PEMFC (Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell) varying some input parameters have been observed. Fuel Flow rate and Air Flow rate have been varied and the output of the Fuel Cell Stack has been observed. MATLAB Simulink Platform has been used here to simulate the total system of Fuel Cell.


Keywords: Fuel cell, Fuel cell stack, PEMFC, Fuel flow rate, Air flow rate, MATLAB

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