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Hand Gesture Detections Using a Force Myography-Based on Wearable Wrist Strap

Shubham Bobade, Dr. Ompraksh Rajankar


We are familiar with gestures as a nonverbal form of communication and often use it during heated discussions. In this digital word of human-machine interactions, hand gesture is emerged as promising method of interaction. For this interactions, developing a control system for sensing hand gestures would be a primary objective. In this research paper we will be discussing one of such simple yet efficient hand grip and gesture detection method using force myography technique (FMG). Force myography (FMG) is basically a technique to detect muscle movements by measuring volumetric changes using force resistive sensors. In this method single force resistive sensor large enough to cover all wrist area is used to recognized hand gesture. This sensor was strategically place on wrist muscles and some pressure was applied using wearable band where muscle moments visually seen during hand gestures. The signals from force sensor then acquired by using control circuits, a signal amplification technique is used to amplify weak signals. The relative values then computed and differences in data mapped against subsequent gestures to recognized it for processing. This approach demonstrated the feasibility of a force resistive sensors for continuously predicting the muscle moments for hand gesture recognition. As the results show the proposed method has good performance to recognize specific hand gestures.

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