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Heater Automation Using LabVIEW

Dinesh Kumar Nali, Ch V.B. Aditya Kumar


Water heating system is an age-old tradition being commonly used from domestic sectors to production sectors; it is a need-based requirement to develop a time and effective water heating system for use in day-to-day life. Concerning lime lighting the deficiencies in general water heating systems and improved versions of sensor-operated systems, this model has been designed. The scope of the work is specifically concerning common household water heating systems operated using LabVIEW software, facilitating the absence of an individual. Water heaters without control of the water level indicator and energy cut-off orientation will cause short circuits in domestic, and commercial environments. Intelligent application of sensors used in the devices will balance the total losses of different kinds and ensure utmost satisfactory service to the domestic as well as commercial users. In the public interest and routing out the common man’s water heating problems, the model will deliver efficiency-oriented water heating systems with cost-effectiveness.


LabVIEW, heating element, tank, pump, temperature sensor, set point, geyser

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