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Characteristics of Hydrated Concrete Mix by Using Steel Slag

Alpit Soni, Shailendra Prasad Tiwari, Sandeep Gupta


Steel slag is derived from steel manufacturing industry and is produced in burned steel production furnaces. Those produced steel slags can be consumed as coarse or fine aggregates in the construction of civil engineering structures while preparing the concrete. It is usually used as aggregate in hot mix asphalt surface purposes. However, in numerous numbers of recent researches it has been observed that there is a possibility of consuming this industrial steel slag as alternate to any of the fine and coarse aggregates in normal or conventional concrete mixes. Maximum volume of concrete contains aggregates. Substituting all or some fraction of natural aggregates with steel slag would lead to substantial environmental benefits. Presently researchers worldwide are working to produce a new, robust and innovative product known as Steel slag hydrated matrix (SSHM) with low or zero natural aggregates and containing only artificial steel slags or recycled materials. This new product is having very good strength and abrasion resistance properties. In the present research this steel slag hydrated matrix is produced and tested for characteristics such as compressive strength and workability and results were compared with ordinary cement concrete which has been produced using ordinary Portland cement, sand and natural aggregates. In this matrix coarse aggregate are replaced by steel slag, fine aggregate is replaced by Ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS) and the alternative of cement is the blend of fly ash with slaked lime. From the results it has been observed that prepared matrix is comparable to the ordinary concrete with added advantages of protecting natural aggregates and utilizing waste products.

Keywords: Steel Slag, Hydrated Matrixand Ground, Granulated blast furnace slag, Concrete, Mix

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