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Vibration Mechanics of Hybrid Al 5083/SiCp/Fly Ash Composite Plates for its Use in Dynamic Structures

Santhosh N, U.N. Kempaiah, S. Venkateswaran


Metal Matrix composites are a unique class of materials, with specific characteristics. The selection of reinforcement phase for reinforcing the metal matrix depends on many parameters and is a major concern, Silicon carbide particulates (SiCp) enhances the hardness of specimens but on the other hand it induces brittleness in the specimen which is of major concern, henceforth fly ash particulates are thought of as an alternative reinforcement for improving the ductility of the specimens. To add to this; composite materials are in general having poor vibration characteristics and is a major concern that has to addressed to incorporate these composite materials in smart structures prone to seismic variability. Further upon it is also necessary to develop composite plates for structural applications especially in bridges, decks of sky walks and Foot Bridges that are subjected to vibration. In current work, the Al 5083/SiCp/Fly ash composite plates are manufactured and modal testing is done for cantilever boundary condition by using Fast Fourier Transform analyzer with vibration monitoring setup interfaced with Lab VIEW Data acquisition System. Quantitative results are presented in this paper to show the effects of different parameters like weight percentage of SiC Particulates and Fly ash Particulates. The experimental frequency data are in fair agreement and compatible within the available terms. The results give an overview of uncertainty in elastic properties. For cantilever boundary condition it is found that the natural frequency of plate increases with the increase in weight percentage of SiC Particulates.


Aluminium; Metal; Matrix; Hybrid; Composite; Vibration; Smart; Structure; Frequency; Modal; Analysi

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Santhosh N, Kempaiah UN, Venkateswaran S. Vibration Mechanics of Hybrid Al 5083/SiCp/Fly Ash Composite Plates for its Use in Dynamic Structures. Journal of Experimental & Applied Mechanics. 2017; 8(1): 11–18p.



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