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Intelligence Wide Angle Diffuser Relocation for Wind Tunnel

Arman Abbaszadeh Jahromi


A wide angle diffuser is placed between the centrifugal blower and the settling chamber for the open circuit wind tunnel. The cross-sectional area increases so rapidly that separation can only be avoided by boundary layer control. The wide angle diffuser is a means of reducing the length for a given area ratio rather than affecting a pressure recovery. The length of the wide angle diffuser is 3.5 m, area ratio 3 and diffuser angle 60°. Two matched cubic profiles connected together are used for wall profile of wide angle diffuser. LISA is used for computational analysis of wide angle diffuser.


Centrifugal blower; settling chamber; wind tunnel

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Jahromi AA. Intelligence Wide Angle Diffuser Relocation for Wind Tunnel. Journal of Experimental & Applied Mechanics. 2017; 8(1): 19–22p.



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