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Estimation of Heat Transfer Rate with Conjugate Gradient Method

Dilip S. Patel, Kedar A. Pathak


In thermal system, a considerable amount of heat leftovers with the exhaust flue gases. Appropriate arrangement to recover this waste heat may contribute to the enhancement of overall utilization of the energy supplied to the thermal system. In this study, heat transfer rate is approximately determined using inverse heat transfer concept. Simulated temperature readings have been taken at the measurement location on the mild steel rod. Conjugate gradient method (CGM) technique is applied in the estimation of unknown heat transfer rate. No information is available for the unknown heat transfer rate and hence the procedure is classified as estimation of unknown quantity using simulated temperature measurement. Results shows that there is excellent estimation of heat transfer rate for the test case analysed in this study.

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Patel Dilip S, Pathak Kedar A. Estimation of Heat Transfer Rate with Conjugate Gradient Method. Journal of Experimental & Applied Mechanics. 2018; 9(1): 1–8p.


Inverse Problem; exhaust flue gas; conjugate gradient method; heat transfer rate; rod

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