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Experimental investigations on mechanical properties of AL8081 reinforced with B4C particulate Mmc’s

Thippeswamy J C, Sathisha N


The aluminium metal matrix composites are becoming emerging and most versatile material. Aluminium MMCs are widely used since the applications involved in automotive, unique structural, defence and aerospace. At the elevated temperature levels, the potentiality of Aluminium MMCs is very high. The metal matrix composites (MMCs) mainly mitigate the weight ratio. In this article, the aluminium metal is conjugated with B4C particulates by stir casting approach. The stir casting method is employed for preparing the composite samples at different weight percentage. The casted specimens are exposed to tensile, compression, hardness and dispersion of B4C is observed through micrographs. The effectiveness of the conjugation of above materials using stir casting method has been validated through experimental case study. The results obtained from the mechanical characterization show considerable elevation in tensile strength and hardness.


Composites; Al8081; Sic; B4C; Casting

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