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Simultaneous Optimization of MIG Welding Process Parameters Using Taguchi with Principle Component Analysis

Priyanka Arya, C. S. Malvi


The aim is to verify the optimum parameters in MIG welding of mild steel for achieving the best result. The three parameters taken for welding are welding current (WC), welding speed (WS) and voltage (V) at three levels. The various parameters which have been used here are modeled by performing experiments in principal component analysis (PCA) based on Taguchi. On applying principle component analysis (PCA),all the input factors are converted into single total principle component index (TPCI) and then re-verified by confirmatory test. Quality of weld has been given in terms of ultimate tensile strength, elongation, heat affected zone, and depth of penetration. The optimum parameters are: WC3=180, V2=26, WS2=45.


MIG welding; Taguchi design; Principal Component Analysis (PCA), total principle component index; welding speed (WS); voltage (V)

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