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Design of Centrifugal Fan Impeller and Comparison with Industry Design: A Case Study

K. Anantharaman, Kumaresan T., B. Balakrishna, B. Thileeban, J. Anish Ahamed, K.S. Arieesh Rajan


Fans are one type of turbo machines to deliver a desired amount of volume flow and static/total air pressure. The density, temperature and altitude play a vital role in fan design. Fan design process is complex and an exact simpler direct analytical methods are rarely used by reputed fan designers. An approach is made to identify analytical formulae recommended by Ing Bruno Eck and Frank. P. Bleier and carry on centrifugal fan impeller design for a given set of fan selection parameters. To understand how good this design output matches with design adapted by reputed industries. A proven fan design has been collected for same parameters. The impeller dimensions are compared and percentage deviations are recorded. Attempts are made to use the industry design data into the analytical formulae so as to understand changes resulting in few constants. Performance analysis were carried out for both the impeller design, compared and recorded. Aiming to arrive at better analytical formulae with the help of many proven design through rigorous research so that many industries can use them.


Fan, impeller, casing, centrifugal, design, blade

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