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Design and Comparative Analysis of UAV Body Prototype with ABS and CF + ABS as Structural Materials

Rutwik R. Dehade, Kevin M. Bhajiwala, Harsh Y. Asmaniwala, Shailesh D. Chaudhari, Parth P. Lakdiwala, Vijay Radadiya, Brijesh Ghadiya


The small multi-rotor helicopters called drones consist in a fuselage “hanged” under a set of fixed pitch propellers each powered by an electric motor. These vehicles have great potentials and research in this topic is increasing aimed to reduce the structure weight to maximize flight time, range and payload. Multiple complex components involved in a single prototype in these vehicles put up a key challenge for 3D modelling, optimization and additive manufacturing, as they not only consist in complex shapes, but also mainly demand robustness and light weight. Weight reduction and / or strength increase achieved by 3D printing would, in such circumstances, lead to achievement one of the aims of current research. The work to be done in this project is small steps towards achievement of reduction of structure weight in order to increase payload and flight time, all using 3D printing. Finally, the above performed research and its results would be employed, analyzed and modified to serve a single specific purpose best suited to the nature of results obtained.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, CF+ABS, ABS, Comparison of ABS and CF + ABS, 3D printing, Rescue Drone

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