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Study of Experimental and Finite Element analysis of Composite Mudguard for Performance Enhancement with Existing Material

Saicharan Suryavanshi, L. G. Navale, K. K. Dhande


Two wheelers sale is creasing in India with drastically level So, this results into increase competition in Competition in this segment has made the two-wheeler OEM to manufacture product at low cost without comprising its performance. Vibration Analysis is modern method to evaluate the life span of components performing vibration, therefore we can manufacture component with alternative material within less time. Front mudguard is a styling component generally made with plastic as well as SS material is undergoing random vibrations. Therefore, it is very difficult to design the mudguard which can handle vibration based only on static load cases. Modal analysis using Finite Element Analysis Method (FEA) is important to confirm the durability in design overview. All manufacturer use this type of technique for better stable design. In this project conventional front mudguard of Royal Enfield Classic 500 was taken for FEA and experimental purpose. Static analysis will be performed for understand exist mudguard strength. In this project front mudguard was replace with glass fiber for improve the static and vibration characteristic of front fender. Static and modal analysis of glass fiber mudguard will be performing using ANSYS 19 software. Experimental validation of mudguard will be completed using FFT and impact hammer test.


Two wheelers, front mudguard, Royal Enfield Classic 500, composite material, vibration

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