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The Effect of Compression on Sound Absorption of Multi-layered Isotropic and Transversely Isotropic Porous Materials at Oblique Incidence

Mohsen Lotfi


Porous materials which are effective in sound absorption in automobile and airplane industry are
often used under compression. This compression is associated with a reduction in thickness and the
resulting changes in acoustical properties and non-acoustical parameters of the porous materials.
Therefore, these acoustics changes should be taken into account when the behavior of these materials
is studied. So far, the studies on the effect of compression on sound absorption characteristics of
porous materials have been limited to the single layered treatment of porous materials. This study is
meant to examine the effect of compression of multi-layered porous materials on the acoustical
behavior of these materials. To this end, the compression received by each layer because of the total
compression is estimated. Next, the critical compression parameter is introduced as the limiting
compression exerted to the multi-layered. Using the compression ratio of each layer, one can
determine the sound absorption by a multi-layered treatment of isotropic and transversely isotopic
porous materials. In addition, the present study examines the effect of compression on the acoustical
behavior of multi-layered of porous materials with and without a layer of air. In this study, the
transfer matrix method is used to study the acoustic behavior of materials. Moreover, the results
obtained by TMM were confirmed using an impedance tube.


Compression ratio, spring model, multi-layered, porous materials, sound absorption coefficient

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