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Design and development of experimental setup for measurement of velocity by using Pitot tube

Shubham Pandurang Davar


Proposed work focuses on design & development of experimental setup for measurement of velocity of fluid by using pitot tube and calibrate using measuring tank setup. This experiment helped us to understand how the Bernoulli’s equation is applied practically. Here we are using digital manometer to measure pressure difference which can shows more accurate readings. We have used the inlet valve to regulate flow rate of water which is coming from pump. The volumetric measuring system consists of a measuring tank & level indicator. Actual velocity can be calculated by using flow rate & cross section area of pipe. To measure flow rate, we have to direct the water in to measuring tank and measure time to rise of water level by using stopwatch. The measurement technique is simply to record pressure difference and time taken to rise of water in measuring tank which can read from the piezometer.

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