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Study: Finite Element Analysis for Thick Wall Cylinder

Saad Slhin Mohammed Albaba, Ali Mousbah Arhouma Aghanay


Measure the stress and failure in this work to overcome the problem of mechanics in thick wall
cylinder. The analysis of each element and calculates a large number of comparisons using modern
software, such as ideas for solving a large number of comparisons in a few seconds, in order to get
very accurate results to solve. This research has been illustrated overview about FEA analysis method
and some of solution for engineering 's problems which is solve By I-DEAS and comparing two type
of mesh (5*8 and 85*85), Displacement restrain for both side and the research address the force by
15 N/mm^2 and indicate the type of solution linear strain, indicate the material like we get the result
of maximum principle and minimum principle for first element mesh , calculated the result of hoop ad
radial stress by I-DEAS and hand calculation by hoop and radial equation. Study of some
mechanical's problems of thick wall cylinder by calculate the hoop stress and the radial stress for half
wall cylinder by using modern computer software such as IDEAS and hand calculation by some
equation are using for this research. Measuring the minimum and maximum principle stress for two
types of element mish size which are indicate in this research like (8*5 & 85*85) by using the same
steps for each number. This work take's some stepsto calculate the Hoop stress for inner Radius
stress and Hoop stress for inner Radius stress which is can be solved by steps which are led to
suddenly failure of mechanical materials in thick cylinder designer.


Hoop stress, radiusstress, Analysis for Thick walled cylinder, IDEAS, FEA analysis

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