Vibration of Square Plate

Saad Mohammed Salhin Kalfalla albabaa


This paper presents a finite element mode FEA for a simply supported squire plate, one of the most important dynamic analyses is finite element analysis FEA in an area of the mechanical engineering. When there is no external force on the structure, The study is indicated the results of frequency for square plate while face applied force by two techniques each one is completely deferent from the another, first one is uses Ideas software to derive the finite element model of the squire plate with known dimensions and second method is calculation by using Warburton equation formula. the obtained results through FEA would be compared with an exact solution. square plates are widely used across various mechanical engineering disciplines and from a technical for Each single point is important to know the natural frequency by using the boundary condition.


Calculating the frequency, Square plate, Warburton equations method, FEA & IDEAS software.


The tutorial from the help library of the IDEAS Software.

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