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Experimental Investigation of Effect of Temperature and Molarity on Compressive Strength of Geopolymer Concrete

Ganpat S. Shinde, R. S. Londhe


Geopolymer concrete is a relatively new development in the field of concrete, in which regular Portland
cement is completely replaced with pozzolanic material such as fly ash, which is then activated by a
strongly alkaline solution to function as a binder in the mix. As a result, we must manufacture
environmentally friendly concrete to address issues such as global warming and CO2 emissions into
the atmosphere generated by standard Portland cement production. An experimental investigation have
been carried to find out the most acceptable concentration of molarity and temperature for geopolymer
concrete to obtain desired strength at needed workability. The variable parameters of the investigation
were molarity and temperature variation. The molarity concentration have been varied from 6M to 13M
and temperature from 60°C to 120°C by heat curing and ambient curing for 7 days and 28 days
respectively. As a result of this 78 specimen were cast and tested, to find out compressive strength of
geopolymer concrete. The study revealed that compressive strength of geopolymer concrete increases
with increase in molarity upto 12.5M and at. Temperature upto 110°C. it was discovered that the
compressive strength of geopolymer concrete advances, as the molarity of sodium hydroxide increases,
as does the curing temperature (within restricted limit).


Geopolymer concrete, heat curing, Fly ash, Alkaline solution, molarity, ambient curing, high strength concrete.

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