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Design and Analysis of Aerodynamics on Wind Turbine

Shubhaseesh Srivastava


The design and analysis of aerodynamics on a horizontal axis wind turbine rotor blade are explained in this research. A method for selecting materials for wind turbine design is described, followed by the design of the solid works.                  .    

The science and study of the physical rules that control the behaviour of objects in airflows, as well as the forces that these airflows produce, is known as aerodynamics. This article examines the lift and drag forces in a wind turbine blade.

The flow of blades, wind speed ratio, and peak power density for Horizontal axis wind turbines are estimated using Design considerations and Simulations parameters. Analyze the blades air density with triple rotor blades is the sole fluent analysis done using parameter deformation in Ansys fluent Software.   The purpose of wind turbine design is to produce the most electricity possible under particular meteorological conditions. This is dependent on the blade from a technical standpoint. HAWT are utilised in large-scale wind power facilities as well as for electricity generation since they produce more power and have a higher energy efficiency. These wind turbines have become more common in wind plants, large-scale wind farms, and projects..



Lift, Drag , Aerodynamics , Blade Design , Air velocity.

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