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Mohr's circle for stress in planes and Stress-Strain Relation for Elasticity Equations and Stress-Strain Analysis

abhinav jha


The distribution of stress and strain in thin films and substrates resulting from inhomogeneous plane stresses created in the film during deposition is calculated and reported. The findings can be used to determine the unknown stresses in a film using the "bending plate method," which measures the deformation of the substrate surface By doing this, Theoretically, the local values of the stress tensor within the film plane and the centre of the stress distribution normal to the film plane can be obtained (averaged through the film thickness).An assessment based on linear approximations is more practicable when the film thickness is minimal. The limitations that arise from disregarding the prerequisites for compatibility for the strain tensor's constituent parts are discussed


: engineering material, tiny strains, elasticity, stress invariant, Stress transformation.

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