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Using digital holographic interferometry to monitor symmetrical temperature fields in liquids and an interference technique for simultaneous heat and mass transfer

shivani malik


In this work, we offer a technique for off-axis digital holographic interferometry to measure dynamic temperature change quantitatively in real-time and visualise volumetric temperature fields formed by a 2D axial-symmetric heated fluid from a pulsatile jet in a water tank. For the experimental examination, a portable Mach-Zehnder interferometer was constructed. The pulsatile jet was supplied with hotter water and submerged in a tank of water. Results that have been averaged, a tomographic view, the standard deviation, and errors are shown. According to the results, digital holographic interferometry is an effective method for observing temperature fields in gases and liquids that are flowing.


: Pulsatile Jets, nozzle design, momentum transport, Double Exposure Technique , Mach-Zehnder-Interferometry.

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