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Analysis of hyperloop transportation system using electromagnetism

Anurag Dwivedi, Sushil Kumar Agrawal, Bhavesh Singh


In this paper, we consider the feature of (Hyperloop technology) revolutionary transportation technology. The new technology of transportation, which travel in Vacuum fully.A high-speed train that promises travel at twice the speed of commercial aircraft transport. A Hyperloop transportation system would be “an elevated, reduced-pressure tube that contains pressurized capsule driven with in the tube by a number of linear electric motor’’. This system can achieve an average speed of 598 m/h (962km/h), and a top speed of 760 m/h(1220km/h). It is fifth mode of transportation which is fuel transportation. which save our lot of precise time. Elon musk describing the design of the first new ultra-fast tube transport system. The tube is made up of steel. Two tubes will be welded together side by side configuration to allow the capsules to travel in both directions. Key Words—Hyperloop transportation system, ultra-high-speed vacuum train, synchronous motor, levitation, propulsion, electromagnet, permanent magnet, depressurization.

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